Pat Nelson, left in the photo, was an extremely popular and competent folk musician, he and Jon Isherwood, right in the photo, were good friends and often appeared on the same bill, their gentle and sometimes not so gentle micky-taking of each other often had audiences rolling in the isles. Pat's version of Jeremy Taylors, 'Red Velvet Steering Wheel Cover  Driver' was always a good end to his performances. I have taken the memory below, by Pat's brother Michael, from Jon Isherwoods website at,


'Mention has been made of Pat's radio performances. His later shows were broadcast nationally; unbelievably some were broadcast simultaneously on Radio 1 and Radio 2 from different venues in the West Country every fourth week. The one-hour programmes were compered by Pat who also sang two songs in each show. Immediately following 'Barn Dance' (as it was called) was a selection of recorded music hosted by the much-missed John Peel. One of Pat's memories was of John Peel starting his show with the words 'Well, there'll be no dosey-dohing on this programme—more's the pity, you might think.' Pat appreciated the way the great man softened what might have been seen as a put-down with the friendly conclusion.'