The Tricorn club, Charlotte Street.







An oil painting I made of the Tricorn in 1967.









Entrance to the Tricorn club.                      Photo: Alan Balfour.






The resident Tricorn D.J. Pete Cross who can still be heard on the airwaves.

I took these photographs of Pete at Christmas 1969, Phil Freeman's Image played that night.




The front of the DJ consule was just wood so I made an illuminated front with PETE cut out, where I inserted coloured theatre gels that were backlight with flourescent light tubes. Beneath the PETE name I wrote "Off the record" and painted the front with flourescent paint that glowed under ultra violet light. 






Two of my 1969 designs for the Tricorn DJ console.






Sometimes Pete let me DJ and - WOW!! -  I got my name in the paper!

John came from Southampton and Merrick was the DJ at Neros opposite the South Parade Pier.




Click on Pete to read some of his memories of the 1960's.

"I loved the Tricorn – it was certainly my Birdcage of the late 60’s and 70’s and am still amazed how many people can remember being there and the acts they saw." Pete Cross.







 Image on stage at the Tricorn Christmas party, 1968.


Phil Freeman, singer with Image.  




'Mood Indigo,' the resident band.



Original car sticker.




In 1969  Pete Cross, the Tricorn club  DJ, asked me to design a car sticker that was more eye catching than the original.