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The front cover of  REQUIEM shows the Camber Dock viewed from the tower of St. Thomas' Church in 1900. The book has over 70 drawings of buildings and locations in Old Portsmouth and Southsea made by Nigel Grundy during the 1980's. Each drawing is accompanied by a history of the building or location illustrated, some also have personal reminiscences A selection of pages are reproduced below as are many of the drawings, more are shown on the 'Panoramic views' page. 

















Review below is from author Graham Hurley's website at, http://www.grahamhurley.co.uk













A Pompey Must. 





'This is a blatant plug for an artist I much admire. His name is Nigel Grundy and he's spent a great deal of time turning various corners of Old Portsmouth and Southsea into unforgettable drawings. I have a couple of his prints hanging on my study wall. We live in Devon now but a glance at Nigel's take on (for instance) The Slipway at Point, or The Hard at Portsea, or Castle Road, Southsea, takes me straight back to my Pompey days. This guy has an exceptional and very rare talent - and if the Faraday books have whetted your appetite for finding out more about Portsmouth, then Nigel's new book "Requiem" is a must. Each of the 70+ drawings comes
with a page of the best kind of history: affectionate reminiscence salted with fascinating facts. It pains a writer to say so, but "Requiem" is conclusive proof that a picture is worth a thousand words.'








Graham Hurley.



















'Artist Nigel Grundy is no stranger to the Portsmouth scene, his last book being In the Footsteps of W.L. Wyllie R.A., about the Old Portsmouth marine artist William Wyllie. His new book, Requiem, is a masterclass in drawing much of Portsmouth that has been destroyed in the past 30 years. Indeed Wyllie's great-grandson Jan Wyllie remarked: ‘If it weren’t for the work of Nigel Grundy, the real Old Portsmouth would be erased without a trace. His is a definitive record of what is left of its architecture.’ Never could truer words have been spoken. There are all the well-known views from Old Portsmouth, plus other odd viewpoints such as looking in from the sea into Point. HMS Vernon is remembered and views along the Hot Walls. Naval ships leaving the harbour are also featured. He then ventures into Southsea, with vistas of St Jude’s Church, Great Southsea Street and Castle Road to name just a few. More than 60 views can be seen and I think the book would be a worthy addition to any collection about the city.'


Bob Hind, The News.









The book is also available from:






W.H. Smith, Palmerston Road, Southsea.

Portsmouth City Museum & Art Gallery, Museum Road, Portsmouth.

The Portsmouth Cathedral bookshop.

The Southsea Gallery, Albert Road.

Waterstone's, Commercial Road, Portsmouth

Blackwell's, Old Portsmouth

The Petersfield Bookshop, Petersfield












Pages from the book.








































Mounted or framed prints of views can be obtained from the Southsea Gallery, near the King's Theatre in Albert Road, Southsea.







Broad Street Post Office.




   Buckingham House, High Street.



The J Class yacht Yankee racing in the Solent in the 1930's..


 Pembroke Road.


The  Camber Dock.



HMS Warrior passing HMS Victory in Portsmouth Harbour.


Bath Square, Old Portsmouth.


Castle Road, Southsea.


The Camber Dock & Vospers Shipyard.


Penny Street & the Garrison Church.


HMS Victory.


Kings Theatre, Southsea.



Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral.






Penny Street and the Garrison Church, Old Portsmouth.






 Grand Parade and the Saluting Platform, Old Portsmouth.







HMS Invincible leaving Portsmouth Harbour.





 HMS Vernon from Point, Old Portsmouth.








Victory class yachts in Bath Square, Old Portsmouth.






 Vosper's shipyard at the Camber, Old Portsmouth.






Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral, High Street, Old Portsmouth.








 The Hard, Portsea.







 18 Gun Battery, Broad Street, Old Portsmouth.








Point, Old Portsmouth.








 HMS Hermes leaving Portsmouth Harbour.









Old Portsmouth and Southsea.








The Camber Dock, Old Portsmouth.







Southsea Castle.



The views below are not included in 'REQUIEM.'

Inc p & p




The Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes, Isle of Wight.







Headington Hill, Oxford.





Bosham, west Sussex.


St. Marybourne, Hampshire.


Emsworth harbour, west Sussex.


Langstone mill, Havant.


Langstone wharf, Havant.




Great Bedwyn.


Donnington Castle.


The bottom lock, Braunston.


The Watermill theatre, Newbury.


Ham lock, Newbury.


Bartholomew Street, Newbury.


Kingsclere village, Hampshire.


Greenham lock, Berkshire.




Newbury lock.


West mills, Newbury.


Newbury wharf.


Tower Bridge, London.


Hammersmith bridge, London.